Your drone could easily become one of your most versatile and worthwhile tech investments. From flying for fun to taking dramatic aerial photography, they can keep you entertained for endless hours and even produce some income. That’s only true so long as they’re working, of course. Here are the essentials of drone safety and care to make sure that your flights don’t end in disaster highlight reels on YouTube.

Invest in Some Good Accessories

The best way to care for your drone is to make sure that you have the accessories necessary to keep their drones clean and fit to fly.

  • A small toolkit: Toolkits like these include a variety of small tools that can help you get access to the interior of the drone, with wrenches, screwdrivers and other bits and pieces to make most minor repairs.
  • A good carrying case: The more you use cases like those featured here, the better you can protect your drone from knocks, bumps, and debris from the outdoors that can get trapped inside.
  • Cleaning propellers: Clean propellers ensure an easy, smooth flight. The resources below can help you learn what you need to clean them, as well as the checks you should make before every use to avoid the all-too-common problem of propellers breaking mid-flight.

There are plenty of guides online that can help you make the best use of the tools mentioned above and show you how to fix all manner of problems with your drone. Don’t be afraid to do a little research if something goes wrong.

Beware of No-Fly Zones

No-fly zones and airspace laws apply to drones just as much as any other aerial equipment or vehicles. Get caught using your drone in a no-fly zone and you could be charged and fined. At the very least, you’re likely to have the drone confiscated, sometimes permanently.

The interactive no-fly maps available at AirMap and Mapbox can help you stay informed. No-fly zones are constantly updating, and it doesn’t take too long to check both sources to make sure you’re completely safe.

Develop Some Hazard Awareness

One of the most common mistakes by new drone users is negligence in making sure that their flights are free of obstruction. Crashing your drone can result not only in damage to the drone but damage to other people’s property and even injuries. While you’re still getting used to your drone, avoid flying near hazards including other people, vehicles, animals, trees, houses, and traffic.

Great Resources for Maintenance and Care

Depending on the type of drone, the environments you use it in, and common problems you might experience with it, you should comb the internet for some great resources. Here are some of our favorites:

If you ever have a problem that you don’t know how to solve, there are drone enthusiast forums with plenty of experts willing to answer just about any question and thousands of videos on YouTube that can help guide you through troubleshooting.

Every drone owner should feel responsible for ensuring that their device is properly cared for and used in the safest possible manner. Fly safe and keep your drone in the best shape.